Thursday, June 09, 2011

Ubiquitously Apple

So, Apple launched iCloud which is to be a central feature in iOS5 and Lion. And it's really gotten me excited, not that my PC hugging friends can understand why, after all there's nothing actually new about iCloud. Or is there? Basically you can summarise Apples solution as being ubiquitous. It's there all the time in the background or as Steve Jobs put it "it just works".

In order to accomplish the same thing in a PC environment you'll have to download, install and configure a bunch of software. Hardly the same experience. And that's what the PC geeks miss - Apple is all about the experience. On paper Apple's platform provides perhaps no better functionality than any other platform. However in the real world, where ease of use is king, the experience is quite different. It's the experience that I buy. It's the experience that adds value. And, in the end, it's the experience that gets ordinary people to use a product or service.

Until iCloud came along syncing the many kinds of information on all of my devices was a nightmare. It took effort and knowledge and time spent Googling for answers and products, and it still didn't work 100%. Now it looks as though Apple have solved this and that this will all happen in the background, as if by magic, ubiquitously, just the way I want it to happen.

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