Tuesday, July 19, 2011

People are NOT resources.

I just read Ken Schwaber's latest blog post. I felt I just had to quote the following text which lies at the heart of everything I strive for in Agile implementations:
The new VS measures a person’s available capacity. You have to wonder. People don’t have measurable capacities when they are performing intellectual, creative work. Things move back and forth between different parts of the brain and some of the best ideas come at 2:00am in bed.  Scrum and XP are sneaky. A team of people sign up to solve problems within a Sprint. They are engaged in group problem-solving for the duration, and the problem never leaves some part of their brain. They are engaged. Brian’s comments and the consequent tooling reminds me of ideal days: a person is only working when his or her fingers are on the keyboard.
He made, of course, a lot of other good points and I recommend you to read his post.

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