Wednesday, September 28, 2011

A sense of urgency

I had a manager once - the CEO of the company I worked for at the time - who constantly nagged me to create a sense of urgency within my organisation. Unfortunately I didn't fully understand what he meant at the time, I thought he wanted me to whip the developers into working harder. Maybe he did. Perhaps he didn't understand that we already had this, or perhaps he was just afraid it would be lost. Working in an organisation now that has no sense of urgency I understand why he considered it so vital to ensure that everyone felt the urgency he felt.

On this theme I recently read the following excellent quote by Michael Dubakov, founder and CEO of Taget Process (my favourite Agile tool).

"Everyone should clearly understand what are we doing, why are we doing this, and why is it important at this very moment." - @mdubakov

I think it is that last part that most companies fail in communicating; "why it is important at this very moment". Here in lies a sense that tomorrow may be too late. But at the same time a sense that someone, somewhere in the company, has a plan - a damned good one - and now everything depends upon our ability to deliver. A sense of urgency. A sense that what you do today really matters.

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